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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Shannon: I can see Shadows dropping off over time too, but it hasn't happened for me yet, and the color & fun level both remain great. I expect this to remain high on my less-strategic playlist throughout the year, and it's the exact type of game that I'm more likely to play with less experienced gamers.

Thus far I think Days of Wonder has had an astounding record at producing games. Not only is this one no exception, but it's also not a carbon copy of their other successes, but rather a very different type of game.

I rate it an "8" out of "10" and am pretty sure it'll always be an above average game.


My Bio:

Shannon Appelcline is a game player, reviewer, and kibitzer. He's written over 200 reviews to date at RPGnet, and continues to add to them on a weekly basis. He was also a developer for the Mythos CCG, brokered the recent reprint of Arkham Horror, and is currently working on a few game designs of his own. Shannon's fondness for the Arthurian genre, demonstrated by his published Pendragon game books and the short story "Keystones", no doubt influences his continued enjoyment of Shadows over Camelot.