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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Chad: I'll agree that arguing is great fun, but I can get into much better arguments by calling up my mom about coming to pick up all of my crap that I left at her house, or by belching in front of my girlfriend without saying "excuse me". From what I've heard from you guys so far, it seems to me that people enjoy the player interaction in this one much more than the actual gameplay, and the awesome bits and stunning presentation are what are getting people to buy it to start with. If not for the bits, this game would boil down to a game of Werewolf. This might partially explain why I didn't enjoy this game; I hate playing Werewolf!

Anyways, on to another problem I've noticed with this title, which is the introduction of newbies to the game. I can't imagine how frustrating and annoying it would be as a newbie at this game when playing with people that have already played Shadows. In all of the games I've played, the newbie rarely gets to make a decision of his own. All of the experienced players tell the newbie what to do, because they've played the game before and "know how to play the game" because of it. If the newbie listens, all of the fun is sucked out of the game for him since he doesn't get to make any decisions. If he doesn't listen, he is accused of being the traitor which will probably hurt everybody. Talk about a sucktastic game experience!