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Monday, August 01, 2005

Chad: Oh great! So I have to argue against two good reviewers, how fun!

Anyways, I see your point about the larger strategic decisions being made every four or five turns, but it still seems to me that I'm not doing a whole lot on my turn. Most of the time, I'm going to flip a black card, and then a play a card according to which quest I'm on. That's the majority of the game, outside of the large decisions that you refer to which only happen once every half hour or so. That means it takes a full half hour of fairly mundane turn-taking before you come to a point where the players need to make any meaningful decisions again. I feel like I'm being forced to watch the fight against the black knight frame-by-frame, rather than seeing any exciting action take place.

Even though I do agree that there are those grand strategic decisions to be made, they are entirely driven by the game, and not the actions of the players. If I draw a hand of grail cards, I'm most likely going to the grail to monotonously spend my next few turns there. It's not like I did anything to get good at grail-finding; the game simply handed my a hand of grail cards. In this way, it feels like the game is essentially playing itself.