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Monday, August 01, 2005

Chad - I'll admit that I, as well, was initially very excited about Shadows over Camelot for all the reasons you mentioned, Tom. I have played and really enjoyed Days of Wonder's last few big box games, including TtR and Memoir '44, so another big hit was to be expected. Shadows over Camelot seemed as if it would continue in this lineage of rich theme, stunning production quality, and engaging gameplay. However, after a few plays I have to say I'm not very impressed. While they nailed the theme and production quality on the head, the gameplay is just plain boring. It seemed as if there were little to no decisions to be made on each of my turns, and that the game was essentially playing itself. I will agree with Tom about the traitor aspect being interesting, but rather than being the icing on the cake, it is Shadow's only saving grace. Even with all of the game's glitz and glamour, in the end, it just seemed like a complicated Werewolf variant.