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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ian--no need to apologize at all!

I agree that much of the negative reaction from people to the game comes from eurogamers who venture into more wargamey territory and find the game "inelegant" or "fiddly" or "too long" or whatever. As you say, the reason for the DEPTH of the reaction (i.e. why people feel the need to vent against the game rather than simply dismiss it as one they don't like and move on) is probably some combination of the much-beloved theme and the fact that the game IS so highly rated.

Seth--I am 100% in agreement that I'm surprised at how strategically robust the game seems to be. With people like Alex Rockwell turning their analytical minds to the game, it's surprising to me that there hasn't been a consensus "best" opening which has developed in the game. It could be that the event cards have such an impact on plans that you can't sketch out an opening strategy without so many caveats that it's not worth your while.

I also agree with Aaron regarding the Shadow vs. FP issue. The friend I usually play WotR with doesn't like playing the FP and feels like he only has enough "going on" when he plays the Shadow. I don't get this feeling to the same extent, but it's certainly true that there just isn't that much to the "war" part of the game as the FP--you might go through a whole game moving less than 10 armies.