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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New England

I haven't played New England in about 2 years. It came out several times when I was still living on Long Island and I joined in a few times. As with others, I never found it that exciting. I also did not come near mastering the strategy that I will admit is there. I was constantly misbidding and grabbing the wrong item. Still, I was intrigued and found myself wanting to play it once it left the rotation. It seemed as if it was something that didn't wear well on the group for very long, though, and it dropped off the radar.

Fast forward to our move to South Florida. Our new group also does not have a whole lot of interest in the game, no matter how often I suggest getting it to the table. There seems to be the same general feeling of "eh" whenever it is mentioned. No one hates it, but no one seems to particularly have a desire to play it either. If the BGG ratings were not stated to be a measure of replay desire and were instead a gauge of apathy, New England would probably gather quite a few 10s.

Now that I am trying to thin out my collection, New England is on the bubble. One of the almost automatic categories to keep a game is that it was a Games Magazine Game of the Year. New England may be an exception to that rule. I'd like to play it at least one more before I pas final judgement, but I can't get it to the table. Maybe that, in itself, should tell me all I need to know.