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Friday, September 16, 2005

New England - The economic bits

Greetings everyone - I was on board with WotR but have remained silent since I have yet to play WotR. I do own and enjoy New England, so here goes my humble, first post.

The bidding : the comments about "1,2,3,4" aspect of the bidding was interesting because I've only seen it in my last game(4 player). Indeed it happened almost through the entire game, and it resulted in a somewhat boring game too. However, in my previous games with 4 player, we've seen 6 and 7 taken in a heated competition; and the game was intense. Does it depend on players, or the particular development of game play? Honestly I don't know - I'll have to play the game more.

The components : what I admire most about NE is the use of cards and tiles. The components of this game is constructed in such an economical way that nothing feels redundant. There's no need to keep track of your score because the cards that you took sum it up nicely. Whenever I think about well-constructed game pieces, I think of NE.

The drama : I too think that there is no highly dramatic story-line in NE. But that does not make this game boring. NE is a game that slowly builds itself up to the finale, and I think it provides enough interesting, if not ground-breaking, decisions to make during the process.