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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Tom says we need more interaction...I've never played this week's game before but I'd be happy to throw in a quick riposte if someone comes out with something really dumb!

Now this isn't about something dumb, but a comment earlier from Andy Daglish in the WotR discussion caught my attention. It was about that thing called "theme." About how it seems to matter more to us here in North America than it does to European gamers (or designers for that matter?) that a game should have a theme. I took from that observation that European gamers can be happier with abstract games in general; and, the lack of a theme, or strong ties to a theme, doesn't matter to them as it might to us here on this side of the Atlantic. If true, it would explain a lot and resonates with me because I happen to think theme is an important ingredient in game design.

Larry Levy (huzonfirst) offered this regarding the theme of this game:

It's interesting about the theme. It really isn't any thinner than most games we play, but it really bothers a lot of gamers, particularly, it seems, Europeans. I actually find using Pilgrims and farms as economic units to be rather charming. In any event, the theme doesn't bother me and there's enough of it there to keep me from considering this an abstract.

Do Larry and Andy need to talk? Or am I reading this right? Did you mean "thicker" rather than "thinner" Larry?

Cheers, RJY ;)