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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And that's it! - NEW ENGLAND

Okay, I'm formatting, editing, and working with this now - I'll post it tonight and we'll see if anyone likes it.

At least I enjoyed reading it, even though I contributed very little.

So on to the next game, starting comments anew.

If no one objects, I thought we'd do an older game - New England. It won the Games Magazine game of the Year a couple years ago, and I'd like to see how it is viewed today.

Tom Vasel: New England won Games Magazine's Game of the Year award in 2003, sparking many debates (as all awards generally do.) Designed by the team Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum, and produced by Goldsieber and Uberplay, New England is a game about bidding, placement, and multiple options when playing.

In short, a "typical" Eurogame.

When I first played New England, I really enjoyed it, thinking that the game's mechanics were clever and original. I especially enjoyed the auction mechanic - and how well the whole game fit together. After one play, I was ready to purchase the game.

Then a friend picked the game up, and I played it again. The second time through, and the plays after that, discouraged me from playing it much more. I just wasn't enamored with how contrictive the game felt. I didn't like the thin theme, but other games with just as slim of a theme have interested me, so that wasn't the problem.

It's just that New England felt, well - boring!

Games didn't have enough variance between them, and while there were several options - it just didn't have the "fun factor" that I so desperately seek for in a game. The game system itself appears to be flawless, but lacking fun.