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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

War of the Ring

Well, the Camelot Legends thing seems to have gone into stasis or something. Everyone involved in that thread email me your final comments, please.

So let's get the next one started!

Feel free to post at any time, and as often as you'd like (within reason, I guess).
Try to respond to the posts above you so that it's a flowing conversation.
At some point either post (or email to me at tomvasel@gmail.com) your rating of the game out of 10.
Make sure your name is with each post - not just your ID.
If you haven't played the game, don't worry, we'll do another one soon.

So the first game we'll do is War of the Ring.
I'll start with an introductory paragraph, and then we'll proceed.

Tom: War of the Ring, by Nexus and Fantasy Flight Games, has certainly made a splash in the gaming world. Yes, it piggybacked part of its success with the blockbuster Lord of the Ring movies, but this was a serious game developed by a trio of designers. War of the Ring attempts to cover almost the entire trilogy of the Lord of the Rings books by J.R.Tolkien, and in my opinion, succeeds on a fantastic level. With thematic elements plastered all throughout the game, I would have a hard time imagining it being rethemed as anything else. Indeed, I could easily imagine all the scenes that happen in our games because the game evoked the theme that strongly. Not only this, but War of the Ring is a lighter wargame with plenty of rules - something I usually shy away from, but in this case - I embraced the game with open arms. I stand by my initial statements that this is the definitive Lord of the Rings game, and I expect it to win the IGA two player category of 2005.