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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tom: With every group I've played with, the decisions WERE obvious - to me. But not everyone agreed with me, and that's the fun of the game. Everyone knows exactly what should be done - and arguments ensue because of this. Now, someone's advice may be suspect because they are the traitor, and this is the key to the game.

In fact, this "kibitzing" is the key to the game. The fact that everyone gets extremely involved in the discussions, with barely concealed distrust of everyone else, really makes Shadows over Camelot shine where other cooperative games don't. When playing LOTR, Vanished Planet, or Arkham Horror, it's easy for a domineering player to dictate everyone else's moves. This won't happen in Shadows, because that demanding player just might be the traitor. Without the traitor, Shadows is a decent game. With the traitor, Shadows over Camelot is a great game.