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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tom: Well, I'm not too far from thinking that 7 is close to the optimal number myself. Possible traitor + high number of players = fun. When I teach the game to people nowdays, I teach the game with the traitor - and we play with only one more loyalty card than the number of people playing. I've found that pretty much anybody can understand the traitor concept, and while not everyone knows how to play it well, everyone has fun. I've played the game a dozen times now, and haven't yet been the traitor, but I continually imagine how cool it would be to be the traitor, because anyone who has been has had a blast.

I'm almost ready to classify Shadows over Camelot as a gateway game. I know that a lot of people would disagree with me, but I have yet to see many games that grab people in this manner. No matter what type of group I play the game with, it always seems to work.