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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tom: For me, the numbers were the theme. For example, if one person had a "4" in fighting and another a "1", I could easily tell who was the better fighter to add. Some of the charaters, like Lancelot and Arthur, were exceptional at their stats - and that just added to the flavor for me. I thought the adding together of numbers was fairly easy.

I will concede the point about the amount of time it took to look at all the numbers and modifiers for some quests. For me, this wasn't a big deal - most players calculated their totals when it wasn't their turn. But I can see how this would turn people off who want snappy, quick play.

When I go into Camelot Legends, I expect to take a bit of time to read the text on the cards. But since only a few cards are added each turn - it really isn't that hard to remember what the other players have. And, the deck is fixed, unlike a CCG, so players shouldn't be surprised by cards after the first couple of games.

After reading my comments, I feel like I'm defending a game with flaws perceived by others, and trying to gloss over those flaws. Perhaps Camelot Legends isn't the most intuative game. Perhaps it has too much number crunching. But for some reason, and I'm pretty sure it's the theme, I like the game. I simply like it, regardless of perceived flaws.