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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sorry about not talking more about Camelot Legends. I traded it away a couple of months ago. I agree with the poster that said it has all the components for a theme rich environment and I can see where the numbers would work for someone who enjoys crunching numbers, however it just did not work for me.

There are a myriad of decisions to be made during a game turn. The company aspect of the game works in theory, but I just could not get past the adding and subtracting of the numbers. It just felt like a rudimentary mathematical exercise for me. To do anything in this game you have to juggle the numbers and I feel that is the main problem with this game. The number crunching overwhelmed the theme for me.

As for the comment on challenging the game players to make a decision, I really think that the frequency that you drew cards really pushed that on the back burner. I never felt the need to make an agonizing decision because I felt that after a few turns, I would be able to draw the requisite number to complete a quest. I just didn't feel any turn angst playing against others. There always seemed to be enough quests to work on and I didn't feel rushed to complete them and if I didn't complete one, another one would take its place.