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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mike: In the game press, you sometimes see a 'likely play value' chart. I suspect SoC will have a curve that starts high and dives away rapidly. There isn't enough variety here, once experienced a few times, to keep it coming off the shelf. To an extent Lord of the Rings has the same issue, though is much closer to 'long life milk'. Why that should be is the subject of another article. The corollary here is that I would happily put SoC in front of anyone who hadn't played it before, and would expect to get five games value from it for most gamers. How many games can say that? Apart from perhaps the end game, this is a very well developed system and one can see that the designers have worked hard, and love the subject. It also looks incredibly good. More generally, this game is the first to make me think Days of Wonder might actually make some games I enjoy playing and, as previously indicated by Terra, that they are willing to take risks. A co-operative game is not for all, but a flavoursome, co-operative game with a traitor is well worth trying.

I rate this game a 7 currently, expecting it to fall off over time.