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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mike: Hi all. Apologies in advance but I don't much like this game, so this will be a slightly more discursive exchange!

We are going to disagree on several things later Tom (!), so let's start with a positive. I too love the theme, and that was the main reason I bought the game. I also agree the artwork is excellent. As poor as this game is, I will keep the cards. I may try and make the game work, but I probably won't. The only point to note is that this is high medieval style art, not the gritty Anglo-Roman look of the recent movie, which was dictated by the latest Arthurian research that tries to place Arthur in context. Either way, top marks for aesthetics. All the characters are here, and plenty of flavoursome card titles and pictures besides. Fancy graphics help the atmosphere, but you need a decent game as well.