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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Camelot Legends

Welcome Paul and Nick! You two, and Mike Siggins and I will be doing the next Musings On... about Camelot Legends. I'll make the opening statment, and then everyone else can chime in at their leisure. Just post your responses here, and when we have enough, I'll make a document out of it. You can look at the previous one (about Shadows over Camelot) for an example of how it works.

So here we go!

Tom: Camelot Legends, designed by Andrew Parks and produced by Z-man Games, has some of the most beautiful artwork of any game I've seen. Basically, it's a card game that uses the events of King Arthur and his knights as a framework for a game. Camelot Legends reminds me of a collectible card game, since the cards - with a vast amount of text - provide different effects and have different statistics. For me, the game is very thematic, evoking the legend of Arthur in a way I've seen no other game do. If you're seeking for a game that faithfully recreates the legend of the Round Table, then Camelot Legends is probably your best choice.